GEN IPTV Best Service Provider for HD Streaming

Watch anywhere from any device, It is really possible to watch your favorite channels from any device. But for most IPTV services, you need to take out a subscription. Always read specifications and reviews carefully.

Best devices for IPTV

Take a look at the MAG 424 4K UHD, it easily plays digital TV channels in Ultra HD 2160p quality. You can also watch streaming videos and use video on demand. The MAG 424 4K UHD has a quad-core ARM Cortex processor and the Linux operating system. To watch TV channels you need to take out a subscription or sometimes there is already a year in the package. IPTV is often much cheaper than, for example, through well-known providers such as Ziggo & KPN.

If you are interested in any of the subscriptions, you can refer to a reseller such as Black IPTV. What types of prices should I consider? A year of IPtv costs 100 to 120, so less than 10 euros per month! If you prefer to check out the free plan, buy a media box with KODI. Install the right add-ons and enjoy free feeds. Buy more IPtv….

What is IPTV ?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol TeleVision. This means that the TV signal comes through the Internet connection, instead of cable or satellite. The television signal is not transmitted in the traditional way, for example via COAX cables, but via the IP protocol. An IPTV is not free although there are various hacks available online or just free content that is offered. KODI is a platform that allows, for example, to distribute content for free. So also live TV! Kodi can even be installed on your computer if you want to try it out. find out more here. Or google for example “kodi free iptv addon“.

You might think that IPTV is only used on the internet in a gray / black area between legal and illegal, but the reverse is true. Many providers in the Netherlands that also offer fiber optic Internet and IPTV are offered through a shielded network. The required bandwidth is guaranteed because a special network has been created for this purpose, over which only IPTV traffic passes. The normal Internet connection is then not available. At KPN you watch TV via an Internet cable and is therefore indirectly also IPTV.

What do you need for GEN IPTV subscription?

The first thing you need is a provider that broadcasts GEN IPTV ( signals and can activate your device through mac address. At the moment, there are different providers online. You only need an internet connection and an app on a device such as a media box with Android or KODI or a smart TV.

There are also special IPTV set-top boxes, just like normal digital TV. These set-top boxes are usually provided by a vendor or reseller themselves, as there is quite a bit of customization involved. Often these boxes do not have WiFi capability, but they need a physical UTP cable (internet cable) to plug into the back of the box. Keep this in mind when placing and buying. You must therefore take out a subscription for most television channels. Therefore, always read the specifications and reviews carefully. But buying IPTV is several times cheaper than, for example, the 40, – per month through well-known providers.

A saucer is therefore no longer necessary! Internet speed is also quite important, 20 Mbps or more is desirable for Full-HD and 50 Mbps for 4K. IPTV is a streaming service with which you can receive digital channels, watch free videos on demand and series and much more!

The Internet connection:

For SMART IPTV you only need an internet connection
The minimum internet speed is 6 mbit / ps
The SMART TV can be connected via WiFi as well as with an Internet cable
For stable and ultimate picture quality from SMART IPTV, we recommend a wired internet connection.


For € 7.50 per month, in combination with a 12-month service, SMART IPTV gives you access to all channels, including all paid packages.
You are not committed to anything! No unforeseen costs! No tacit renewals! SMART IPTV is entirely on a prepaid basis. You decide we run!